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CPA Activities: The Canadian SceneCPA Activities: The Canadian Scene

New Speaker in the Northwest Territories 

Robert MacQuarrie was elected Speaker of the Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly on November 13, 1979. M.L.A. for the constituency of Yellowknife Centre. Speaker MacQuarrie was born January 10, 1935 at Edson, Alberta; educated at the University, of Alberta (Bachelor of Education); prior to his election, was a teacher and principal in the North. First elected to the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories on October 1, 1979.

New Speaker of the Senate

On March 3, Prime Minister Trudeau announced the appointment of the Jean Marchand as new Speaker of the Senate for the 32nd Parliament of Canada. Born in 1918, in Champlain, Quebec. A graduate of the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Laval, Speaker Marchand received an honorary Doctorate in Industrial Relations, University of Montreal, and honorary Degree in Social Sciences from Laval University, in May 1965, and an honorary Doctorate from Memorial University, Newfoundland. In 1947, Mr. Marchand was elected Secretary General of the CNTU, a position he held for 15 years prior to becoming General President. He was first elected to the House of Commons in 1965 and held several ministerial portfolios between 1965 and 1976, including the creation of two Departments: Labour and Immigration; and the Department of Economic Expansion. Speaker Marchand resigned from the Trudeau Cabinet in 1976 to run in the Quebec provincial election but was defeated. He was summoned to the Senate in December, 1976.

Speaker Marchand replaces Speaker Allister Grosart. Senator Grosart occupied the Chair for the duration of the 31st Parliament. Former Speaker Grosart is well known to all involved in the affairs of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, both at the national and international levels, for his interest, participation, devotion and contributions to the CPA. Senator Grosart was born in 1906 in Dublin, Ireland. Education: China Island Mission Schools, Chefoo, North China, from 1915 to 1923; University of Toronto, from 1923 to 1927, Politics and Law (B.A.); post graduate studies in International Law, Carnegie Fellow of International Law (1928).

A Progressive Conservative, Senator Grosart was summoned to the Senate in 1962. Former President of the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee; Vice-Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee; Chairman of the Canadian Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association. Deputy Leader of the Official Opposition; Deputy Leader of the Government (1979). Has been a Canadian representative to the Science and Technology Committees of the Council of Western European Union, Council of Europe and European Economic Community. Senator Grosart also attended numerous international conferences. Senator Grosart married Thelma Galbraith in 1978 (Second marriage).

New Speaker of the House of Commons

On February 29, it was announced that the Prime Minister had nominated Jeanne Sauvé as the new Speaker of the House of Commons for the 32nd Parliament of Canada. Speaker Sauvé, once formally elected by the House of Commons, will replace James Jerome, who occupied the Chair from 1974.  On January 4, 1980, it was announced that James Jerome, then Speaker of the House of Commons, had been appointed Associate Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Canada. Mr. Justice Jerome was sworn in on February 22, 1980.

Mr. Jerome was born in Kingston, Ontario on March 4, 1933. In 1958, he was married to Barry Hodgins. They have five children. He graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts in 1954 and from Osgoode Hall in 1958. He was elected Alderman of the Sudbury City Council in 1965. First elected to the House of Commons in June of 1968 and re-elected in 1972, 1974, and 1979. Was first elected Speaker of the House of Commons in 1974 and re-elected in October 1979.

Exchange Visit: British Columbia and Ontario Visit Quebec

During the week of February 11 to 15, Mr. C1ément Richard, President of the Quebec National Assembly, had the privilege of receiving simultaneously two delegations: from the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia and the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. The two delegations were led by the respective Speakers of the two provincial Legislatures, Hon. Harvey Schroeder and Hon. John Stokes.

This visit falls within the framework of an ongoing program of exchange visits between the various provincial Legislative Assemblies across Canada.

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